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School Curriculum

Funshine Christian Preschool’s curriculum follows established educational principles. 

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The Curriculum Reflects Our Values

     Our program is a developmentally academic philosophy that is based on the fundamental principles of the growth of children. The emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual stages of children occur in a predictable, orderly pattern. For example, throughout the world, children sit before they crawl, crawl before they walk, and walk before they run. However, the time sequence of these stages is unique to each child. In addition, each child has his/her individual style and rate of learning. Developmental curriculum is planned so children can advance through the developmental stages at their own rate of growth. At Funshine Christian Preschool, children are presented with academic concepts through exposure of shapes, numbers, and letters at the developmentally appropriate time frame. In small groups, various opportunities are provided to explore the many wonders of our world through "hands on" experiences utilizing the five senses.

Monthly curriculum themes introduce students to new vocabulary and new learning experiences. Within each classroom, teachers create centers which provide opportunities to use a variety of equipment. Blocks, table toys, construction sets, art materials, a housekeeping center, and books and audio tapes are just a few of the materials which allow children to develop skills at their own pace. Teachers regularly assess children’s progress and work with both individuals and small groups.


Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program emphasizes fine and gross motor skills, socialization and self-discovery. The curriculum eases children into the wonderful world of learning through play and other activities.

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